The Rotary Club of Maitland, Florida invites you to join us for Breakfast weekly on Tuesday. We meet at Venue on the Lake - Maitland Civic Center (641 S. Maitland Avenue) starting at 7:30am for breakfast. Visitors are always welcome.

Call us with any questions: 407.777.8515

We are a local community based social and civic organization with a mission to serve, volunteer and help out in our community. We are men and women you might already know - who get together to have fun and do good in our hometown.

The Rotary of Maitland Club has as its prestige fundraiser the World Famous 'Art Under the Stars' Art Festival held the second week in November that has raised over $1.2mm for local charities.

Individual Members can find a place where they can mingle with other community influencers while serving our community.

Business Memberships offer businesses a chance to give back while providing a positive environment for their employees to continue personal and business development.

Come join us for a free breakfast. Call ahead or just show up. You will always be welcomed.

Learn about how Maitland Rotary can serve you. And how you can help serve Maitland.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS are processed via a separate link, after membership approval

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Application fee $150.00
Annual Dues for 3 representatives is $1,200 annually which includes:
Full membership in Rotary International
Pre-paid breakfast for the Primary member
The business shall have the option of paying for breakfast for the additional members, which is currently $576 per year.
These costs will be billed to the business on a quarterly basis. If more than one member attends the same meeting the additional members will be charged the per person breakfast fee.

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Application fee $150.00 - due with application
Quarterly Dues $200.50 - includes
Qtly Dues/Rotarian Magazine ($56.50)
Meals @$12/week
25.00 - Optional Paul Harris sustaining membership



The Rotary Club of Maitland, Florida invites you to participate in a new opportunity for club membership.

Business memberships give local businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and corporations the chance to give back to the community while developing their employees’ personal and professional skills through Rotary.

At many businesses, the CEO and other top executives will want to add Rotary membership to their resumes because they recognize Rotary’s reputation for combining business networking with community service. A business membership will allow your busy executives the chance to learn about the needs of their community so they can serve it well, while experiencing the personal satisfaction of knowing they’re helping others.

Younger professionals will enjoy the flexibility of our business membership, which is more affordable and requires a smaller time commitment. Membership in Rotary provides young executives invaluable opportunities for taking on leadership roles while providing networking opportunities and mentoring. By offering the perk of Rotary membership, you show young executives that your business cares about their personal and professional growth.

How - Business Memberships work

As many as three employees can join together as members of Rotary. One will be considered the primary member, while the others will act as alternates with the option of attending meetings either for themselves or on behalf of the primary member. All of the business members are encouraged to attend all club activities and meetings. While attendance is not mandatory, a member will not realize the full benefit of the club if attendance is irregular.

Although the business entity isn’t a Rotary member, it typically pays the dues for its employees’ Rotary membership and may be eligible for a tax deduction where permissible by law.

Here are some other advantages of Business Membership:


Your company will be provided with three (3) memberships: one (1) primary and two (2) associate members. The primary member will receive full membership in The Rotary Club of Maitland, including full participation in all club activities, full voting rights, and the ability to hold leadership positions within the club. Associate members will have full privileges but not voting rights or ability to hold offices. All members will receive name badges that will include the member's name as well as the name of your company and a Certificate of Membership suitable for framing.

Flexible Schedule

Any of the members who joined together can attend a meeting — or all are welcome at the same meeting — adding tremendous flexibility and reducing the time commitment of any one member.

Networking Opportunities

Through Rotary, business leaders can make important contacts that can result in profitable business ventures in the future.

Global Connections

Members of Rotary have instant access to our global network of 1.2 million members in 35,000 clubs around the world. Wherever you’re traveling, there’s likely a Rotary club with local business and community leaders who will welcome you.

Personal Satisfaction

Members experience the gratification of knowing that they’re helping people who may not have the means to help themselves.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Your company's logo will be displayed on the Club’s website, including a link to allow readers to go directly to your web site, and in our weekly e-Newsletter. Once a year your company will be designated a meeting sponsor. You will be provided with a table to display and distribute your corporate information and will be given three (3) minutes to show a PowerPoint presentation to provide information about your business prior to the weekly meeting at no charge. our company will also receive opportunities for discounted sponsorships for our annual art festival and/or advertise in the art festival program at a discounted rate.

Community Engagement & Awareness

Members can meet and socialize with other business leaders in the club, expanding their understanding of the community’s needs and wants, and get an insight into how businesses are addressing common concerns. Corporate membership also provides opportunities for community engagement with other professionals and business leaders in Maitland and the Central Florida area.

Commitment to Service

Employees of the business recognize and appreciate the company’s commitment to serving others. Even if employees don’t join the Rotary club, service becomes part of the business culture.

One-Stop Source

Rotary is a productive use of an executive’s time. Instead of joining a variety of boards, each with their own unique focus, time commitment, and cost, Rotary is a comprehensive source where members can learn about many of the social issues and concerns in the community.


  • Club Members identify prospective business member and invite the potential Prime Member to attend a regular club meeting.
  • The Prime Member must attend 3 regular club meetings and submit a Business Membership Application.
  • The Business Membership Application shall be reviewed by the Club’s governing board for approval. Once approved, a formal invitation to join The Rotary Club of Maitland will be extended to your company by the Club President and the Membership Committee.
  • Upon acceptance of the invitation and payment of the application fee and dues, you are a member of the club. The prime and associate members shall be invited to a Fireside Chat to learn more about the club and Rotary International.
  • The club membership remains with the company, but the company may choose to change club members at any time by notifying the Rotary Club of Maitland.


  • Application Fee of $150.00
  • Annual Dues for 3 representative is $1,200 annually which includes:
  • Full Membership in RI
  • Pre-paid breakfast for the Primary Member.
  • The business shall have the option of paying for breakfast for the additional members, which is currently $576 per person per year. These costs will be billed to the business on a quarterly basis. If more than one member attends the same meeting the additional members will be charged the per person breakfast fee.